An intimate and powerful session where you will be guided to tap into your true strength and inner power.

During the session I will share transformational tools that are specifically designed to  help you move through any challenges you’re currently facing and stopping you moving forward. The focus will be on helping you cultivate a mindset to manifest. The purpose of the session is growth, expansion and magnetism. Everything we do will be completely personalised.

When you can learn to master your mindset, choose empowering beliefs and take aligned action reality will bend to fit your model of the world. The Universe can only show up exactly how you think it will.


What’s included in the session:

  • A 60 minute private session with audio recording.

  • An in depth questionnaire to help me get a clear understanding of exactly where you are right now and where you desire to be.

  • A personalised hypnosis recording to help you integrate your desired outcomes into your subconscious mind so it always knows what to do and what opportunities to look out for. This is like a fast-track to success (delivered after the session).

  • A custom tapping script which we will do in session. Don’t worry if you’ve never done tapping before, I’ll teach you how and guide you through it.

  • Energy exercises to help you shift into a state of expansion and magnetism so you are a match for your desires and you’ll know how to get into this state again whenever you need to.

  • Additional mindset techniques that will help you feel insanely confident to move forward and act on your desires. No more confusion, feeling stuck, overwhelmed or lost.

How it works:

You can choose your time and pay via calendly here. Sessions are typically booked 1-2 weeks in advance.

Once your payment has gone through I’ll email you a questionnaire which you will need to complete and send back a minimum of 48 hours before your session.

Your up-level begins! We will go over any mindset challenges you feel are holding you back and would like to work through.

After our call I will send you the audio recording of the call and your personalised hypnosis recording within 72 hours.

This is for you if:

You’re ready to up-level and cultivate a mindset to manifest

You’re ready to finally break through mindset challenges that have been holding you back on truly taking action towards your desires and dream life

You need some guidance in seeing what aspects of your mindset need to be worked on and learning the tools that can help you and can be used for the rest of your life

You desire to unlock your magnetism and become a true energetic match for your desires and pull them to you

You’re ready to let go of the beliefs and stories that have created your current reality. If you want to experience bigger, it’s time to think bigger.