hey big dreamer...

Here’s what I know about you:

+ You're excited to help people achieve their goals and you KNOW you’re the person who can help them.

+ You want to be an AWESOME coach but you don't know where to start, or how to start.

+ You see other people showing up, taking action, confident and getting results for themselves and their clients and you want that too.


but there's something getting in your way...

You’re worried that no one will be able to find you in the sea of other coaches.

You're worried that you don't know how to actually run a coaching session

You’re worried that your client will have a question and you won't know the answer

You want to learn how to create and structure a coaching program that gets your clients results

how do i know all this?

because that used to be me

Girl, I get it. I have been exactly where you are and I felt the exact same way. I fumbled around for way too long.

I signed up for all the freebies.

I spent a lot of money on coaching, only to figure out that it wasn't business strategy I needed, I needed mindset and to learn the coaching skills that are essential to my confidence and my clients’ results.

Every day was filled with the sinking feeling that it wasn’t working.

That I was putting in more energy than I was getting back. I felt defeated. I gave up in my mind so many times, but thanks GOODNESS the Universe said “no effing way!” (As did my BFF).

I was so focused on doing “things” in my business that I wasn’t getting the important things done. I thought that I needed to be “doing” all the time.

I was so focussed on what wasn’t working which didn’t allow me to focus on what WAS working

I was so, so, so scared to talk about my offers and how I helped people that I just didn’t. I didn’t know that I could sell and promote without saying “buy my product”…

The journey out of this place was long, windy and bumpy, but i figured out the missing piece of the puzzle, and now i'm sharing it with you.


what they’re saying…

imagine this...

+ You show up and stand out. You get to be yourself and you DON’T just do what everyone else is doing. You do things differently and people notice.

+ You know your ideal client so well she feels like a friend. You always know who you're talking to so you always know what to say

+ You have such clarity and confidence about your client journey and their end result you can speak about it with full confidence and it just FLOWS out of you

+ You’ve set your business up in a way that feels completely aligned for you and not just because it's how everyone else is doing it

+ You have the skills that are super important for you to help your client get results. You know how to run a session, how to guide your client to develop confidence in their own abilities, how to handle those times when you don't have the answer for a particular question

+ You are so confident in your results that selling and charging is easy for you. You know you help your clients get results and you know the value your coaching provides

the secret..?

It ALL… I repeat ALL… comes down to your mindset. Thinking positive isn’t enough. It’s a great start, but you need to believe 100% that you are a stand out coach, that you can help people, that people expand when they pay you, that you are worthy of the success and dreams that fill your mind.

You have to work to cultivate an unshakable sense of confidence in yourself and your clients. If you don’t believe it’s possible for you, it won’t be.

I know this because I lived this. I thought that if I just tried the right strategy or changed my google calendar around I’d be on the right track and I’d feel more confident and then things would start working.

It’s possible to get the dreams out of your head and into your reality. The fact that they’re even in your head at all is proof that they’re real and possible.

Once you can fully master your mindset there is nothing stopping you. This is a promise.

I’m going to help you step into your next level, fully supporting and guiding you along the way while also making sure you’re pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone so the boundary gets further and further away. You won’t be doing it alone, but you will be 100% responsible for everything you achieve.

more client love…

the blog (2).png

Stand out coach is a high touch, high accountability 12 week private coaching program designed to help you create the results you desire, become an awesome coach and become the leader you’re meant to be.

It’s the blueprint to getting your coaching business set up for success, gaining the confidence to show up and the clarity to stand out.

Here’s what we’ll cover during our time together to make sure you’re set up for complete success right from the start:

the mindset of a standout coach

If you want to become a stand out coach so you can get results for your clients and yourself, you need to think like a stand out coach. You have to take yourself to the place where you KNOW deep down that you are already the person who gets results, who has the confidence, who takes action, who shows up. You have to believe it before anyone else will.

  • Create your next level identity

  • Learn how to reprogram your subconscious mind so you are thinking from the future and not just about the future

  • Start sharing your message so people start to see you as a leader who can help them get the results you desire

connecting and serving

Get crystal clear clarity on who you want to serve. No fluffy BS, just the important stuff that will help you know exactly who you're speaking to so you always know exactly what to say to them. You’ll start setting up your on-boarding process and systems so you're ready to start signing clients ASAP

Once you know who you’re serving you’ll be able to create the best possible space and method to help them get results.

  • Decide who you want to speak to specifically and craft your message so they hear it

  • Decide how you want to help them and what model is most aligned for you

  • Set up your systems and on boarding process that makes signing new clients simple and smooth


You're going to decide who you're going to coach, what it is that you're going to coach and how to speak to them. You will be creating and connecting with your ideal client so you always know who you're speaking to and what to say. We are going to be setting up any funnels or marketing required to ensure that you have a method working to attract clients consistently.

  • Truly connect with the people you're meant to serve

  • Connect to your vision as a coach and how you’re going to hold space

  • Set up a simple system that will allow you to serve your people and invite them into your world

next level coaching skills

You’ll learn the coaching skills that will allow you to feel confident holding space and guiding your clients to breakthroughs. You’ll learn how to structure a coaching session, and how to get your clients to shift their perspective and outcomes so they can get the results they want.

  • Learn coaching skills that are imperative to a successful coaching relationship and has your clients raving about you

  • Learn to trust in your abilities as a coach and believe in your clients ability to show up for themselves

  • Learn how to protect and ground your own energy before and after a coaching session

visibility and standing out

In this session we’ll focus on what platforms you're going to use to share your message, show up as a leader and connect with your community. You develop a strong content strategy, ensuring you’re focusing your energy where it's needed and not in a million places at once so you can grow your brand and business.

  • Create content for the platforms you and your ideal clients enjoy spending time

  • Create a clear content plan so you can start sharing YOUR message

  • Develop the confidence you need to show up and stand out and get people listening

selling is serving

The fun part (just kidding it’s all fun)! Here we’re going to cover how you can start interacting with people on social media, how to promote your offers directly and indirectly, discovery calls, closing sales and making sure your mindset is in the right place to treat your business like a business.

  • Step into the mindset of someone who offers people solutions and has information that people WANT to pay you for

  • Learn the anatomy of a sales call and be fully prepared to close and let people pay you

  • Enjoy talking about what you do and how you help people because you believe in yourself and your abilities as a stand out coach

In addition to the weekly work here you’ll also be setting up anything else that needs to be sorted so people can find you, learn about you and pay you such as your website and pages, additional social accounts, payment gateways, call booking systems etc.

and a little more love…

what i do:

I work with the next generation of inspirational women who are paving the way for others by showing up, standing out and becoming the leader they're meant to be. We will create a solid foundation that will include the MINDSET, strategy and systems, as well as the coaching tools and skills that will help you and your clients get results.

how i'm different:

I’m not like other coaches. I understand what's important for your business and for you when it comes to getting started. This program focuses on helping you be an AWESOME coach, because that's what gets you and your clients results, not just strategies that have you staring at your computer more than talking to your people and doing things that are fun.

I know how it feels to be terrified to show up because of a lack of confidence in your abilities and even who you are being.

I understand getting started is the hardest part, and that's why I’ve only included the important things and left out the overwhelming fluff.

I know that thinking and planning and procrastinating is another form of letting the fear take over.

the blog (4).png

It’s time to show up and stand out. Let’s have a conversation to see exactly where you’re at, where you want to go and what you need to do to get there. Your next level starts here.


wanna know what's included?

+ 12 x weekly zoom calls, all recorded and saved so you can re-listen whenever you want

+ Voxer (voice note) and email support throughout the 12 weeks so you can always ask questions, get feedback or share anything you want

+ Any additional resources that we decide you need to help your journey - this could be anything from workbooks, swipe files, hypnosis sessions, tapping sessions, cat pics.. whatever we decide!

+ My feedback, support and guidance on all the things you’re working on so you’re always supported

this is for you if

+ You are truly ready to become an awesome coach.

+ You are ready to put in the work to create the results you desire fast

+ You’re willing to step out of your comfort zone and do things you’ve never done before, KNOWING you will grow and develop from the experience

+ You know you’re meant to be a coach, to serve, to lead, to inspire and to guide