Brooke Alexander
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Are you ready to release resistance to money, change how you think and feel about money and stop letting it hold you back from being yourself? 


+ Do you feel guilty about your past experiences with money?

+ Do you hold onto money so tightly because you’re worried you’re “throwing it away”?

+ Do you feel like there isn’t enough money for you?

+ Are you scared to ask for more money at your job?

+ Are you scared to talk about your products and services because you don't like asking people for money?

+ Do you constantly think about your past with money instead of thinking about what you could create?

I've got something for you


Money is a touchy subject. Most of us were taught as children that we shouldn't talk about money because it’s impolite.

The thing with these beliefs is that no matter what different things we were all told, our minds latch on to them, believe them then do whatever is necessary to prove them right. Your mind doesn't like to be wrong so it will work to seek out ANYTHING it needs or distort things to make it seem like your beliefs are real.

BUT.. money is just paper. Money is not inherently good or bad. Money is whatever you think it is. Money can be as hard or as easy as you think. Money isn’t the problem, it’s your mindset and energy that needs to shift if you want to change how you experience it.


Hi, I’m Brooke

I’m a certified NLP practitioner and clinical hypnotherapist and I am beyond grateful to be able to watch you transform your mindset so you can show up, stand out and be who you’re truly meant to be.

I created this bundle because I get so many questions about changing limiting beliefs and stories about money, and I see how much it holds people back from taking action and stepping into their next level.


Money is a huge issue for a lot of us. Money mindset has been the BIGGEST thing I have had to work through. I was so scared to ask for money, to even charge for my services (even though I had spent THOUSANDS on training), to tell people I had products available, and most of all TO KEEP MONEY. I Had a deep subconscious belief that I would never have enough money, so my brain proved that true by spending a lot of it.

The amazing thing about working on your money mindset is that it spreads out into so many other aspects of our lives. People often tend to attach their self-worth to how much money they have or don’t have.

This bundle gives you the tools and techniques that will help you shift how you view money so you can release the pressure and heaviness of it. Once you can change the way you think about and relate to money you can change your relationship to it.

The heaviness and sinking feeling of worrying about money doesn't have to be there. It’s not helpful to you.

You can know and understand that you’d like more money without allowing it to consume you.

Focusing on how you have received money in the past and how much you’ve received in the past does not help you create and feel good about what is possible for your future.

That's what this bundle is about. Creating the internal shifts that allow you to think forwards instead of backwards.

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+ You didn’t feel dread when you check your bank account

+ Your mind didn't automatically go into a negative downward spiral every time you thought about money

+ You were able to create new beliefs about money so the Universe can show up and match them

+ You were able to talk about money easily

+ You were able to actually sell your services because you see money as a neutral resource that is abundantly available for everyone and anyone


here's whats inside...


hypnosis value - $333

In this pre-recorded audio track you'll be able to uncover any limiting money beliefs that have shaped your money related experiences and release them so you no longer hold them and create more of the same experiences (we’re going to burn them and it’s going to feel AMAZING). You’ll also create new beliefs that are in alignment with your goals and purpose so they can support you moving forward.

You can download this audio and listen to it any time you safely have 20 minutes to give to your future.

tapping value - $222

Tapping is the fastest way to shift any stuck energy so it’s not lingering and you can open up to receiving positive energy. If you’re energetically stuck in a negative place you will keep attracting and experience the results that align with that energy.

You will not find a tapping video like this anywhere else. It will take you on a complete journey from opening up to release any limiting beliefs or stories, to inviting positive, high vibe, money loving energy in.

anchoring value - $222

This pre-recorded audio guides you through the process of creating a button (on your knuckle) that will allow you to feel the feelings of complete abundance at any moment. ANY MOMENT!!!

You know how when you hear an old song and it takes you right back to 15 years ago when you listened to it on repeat and you feel like you've been transported back in time? This is anchoring and that song is the anchor.

BONUS clearing value - $197

This is magical. This is essential. This is what most people miss.

This work will help you tap into your next level and become that person now. No more waiting. No more wishing. You’re going there and bringing everything you need to shift into the present moment so you can make it happen. You don't have to wait for things to come to you, and waiting is not an effective strategy (trust me on this one, I have tried and tested this technique myself).

I will share the exact work you need to do to create your next level so you have a clear path and you can start making it happen now.

There are journal prompts and exercise that will guide you through the daily inner work that will tie all the tools and techniques together to help you create an entirely new mindset around your goals and future. This is about more than money. This is about unlocking your next level now.

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this is for you if

+ You want to change how you think and feel about money and stop letting fear and worry consume you

+ You know it’s time for you to step into your next level and you want to make sure your mindset is on point so you can receive the money you’re attracting

+ You want to feel good talking about your programs, services and offers and feel confident and excited to charge for your skills and service

+ You want to step out and start a new chapter, and worries about money are THE THING that holds you back


the breakdown

+ A pre-recorded hypnosis track (downloadable) that will guide you through a process of identifying and releasing old limiting money beliefs AND creating new, empowering beliefs to move you forward

+ A guided and SUPER in depth tapping video that will help you shift your energy around how you think and feel about money.

+ A pre-recorded abundance anchoring track that shows you how to create an abundance button so you can tap into the feeling of abundance at any moment

+ Guided inner work that helps you with daily clearing, creating a money mindset strategy and the exact things you need to think about, work through and create to step into your next level and make it happen FAST

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How often do I need to do each one? I recommend doing them all as often as possible. The daily clearing and inner work journaling should be done daily. Every day. Morning or night, whatever works. If you're short on time you can do that and either the hypnosis or tapping.

How long do I have access to the content? Forever :)

What can I expect from this bundle? This bundle is specifically designed to help you release and replace limiting money beliefs as well as shift your energy around money. This is about creating internal shifts that are the precursor to taking the action that will lead you down your desired path. This is not a get rich quick scheme, a money making strategy or financial advice. DISCLAIMER: I don't guarantee or warrant results or increased income.

What is the refund policy? Due to the downloadable nature of the contents I do not offer a refund policy. I don't think you’re going to want one anyway. You’re going to love the contents and I know you’re going to do the work and experience the shifts. Believe in yourself as much as I believe in you.