54 | Finding your version of healthy and creating a platform to empower others with Asha Holland of Alternatively Healthy

Asha Holland is the CEO & founder of Alternatively Healthy. Asha is an accredited exercise scientist and lifelong perfectionist, who became OBSESSED with doing healthy the "right" way. Asha now combines her education with my very relatable personal journey to empower girls to discover their OWN healthy, aka the confidence to just be themselves and has created the positive platform for girls in their teens and 20's to discover their spark for life!

In this episode Asha shares her journey to figuring out what healthy means for her and how she had a wake up call and finally knew she had to change things or her life-long dreams may not be possible. 

We also talk about building the Alternatively Healthy platform, the challenges she experienced along the way and what she learnt as a result of them.


Insta: @alternatively.healthy
Website: alternativelyhealthy.com.au

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