51 | Should you stop "personal development"?

Recently I decided to take a break from personal development. I realised by thinking I needed it I was keeping myself in the same place and perpetuating the need to keep learning, developing or to find that one thing that once I discovered it, would help me get further or feel better or whatever else. 

The most important thing I have done is go to the place I want to be so I have no choice but to become the person who plays at the level. No more incremental steps. I took a quantum leap, got up to something bigger than where I'm currently at and allow whatever inner work that needs to be done to come up. And boy does it come up. I have accelerated faster than ever before in the past 3 months and this is because I decided to focus on the long game, the end goal, and go there now. 

It's not without it's ups and downs. My life is shifting in so many ways right now and the pattern of choosing to feel overwhelm is coming up. And now I get to deal with and work through this instead of letting the pattern run quietly in the background. Now it gets to be worked on and worked through so it's not getting in the way anymore. 

And although this episode is a lot about me, consider how the stories I share about my choices and experiences are relevant to you. Do you do the same thing with personal development? Is there something you think you need that is actually holding you back?

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