29 | How to shift to an abundance mindset & how I manifested 1k in 24 hours

Hello lovely friends! I'm so excited to share this episode with you because it's something thats been on my mind for such a long time. 

Creating an abundance mindset is going to propel you super fast towards your goals. In order to achieve your outcomes you need to believe you can, AND you need to believe that there's enough for you. Not believing there is enough to go around stops so many people from deciding to real life their dreams, so this episode is going to show you how to change that for good and get rid of that lack mentality. 

Most people associate abundance with money only, but you can have abundance in any area of your life; money, relationships, experiences, opportunities etc. 

Once you've listened to the episode send me a message on instagram to let me know what your biggest takeaways are and what you're going to do differently from now on. 

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Brooke Alexander