27 | How to make success feel safe

It's so common for people to sabotage their efforts at success because of unconscious limiting beliefs and internal conflicts. If you're not aware that you even have unconscious blocks that are getting in your way of you achieving your goals then you don't know what needs to be worked on, so the first step is identifying what the underlying issues are. 

If you're not achieving the outcomes you want to achieve and you think that it could be because you might not feel safe when you're successful (remember, these are likely unconscious beliefs) this episode is going to help you. 

I'm sharing 4 things you can do to help you really question these beliefs and ways you can start to make success feel less scary to your unconscious mind so it stops blocking you. As I mention in the episode, action is also required and you will need to consciously make the changes in order for you to move past the challenges.

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Brooke Alexander