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 MINDSET TO MANIFEST: A course to help you master your mindset and manifest your desires on autopilot.

This is the course to get you started on your up-level, quantum shift, conscious manifestation journey.

The first step it takes to start the shift is making the decision that you are ready to shift. That you will not accept anything less than what you desire. That you are in charge of creating your reality.

If you’ve ever wondered how other people seem to have everything figured out, how they make things look so easy and like they’re always ready to take action and make shit happen, this course is going to show you their secrets.

The reality is that it’s all mindset. Your world is created by your thoughts and in your thoughts, so when you can learn to master them and decide what it is you want you reality to look like, you’ll be one of the people that has it all figured out too.

You get to choose your own thoughts.

You don’t have to listen to the fears, worries, doubts or limiting beliefs.

Everything you do leads to your success.

Wealth, abundance and affluence are your birthright.

Girl, it’s time you finally got what you wanted. It’s time you stopped listening to the fears, worries and doubts that are getting in the way of achieving your dreams. You’re in charge of how reality responds to you, not the other way around.



\\ Imagine what it will feel like to be able to recognise any limiting beliefs and release them before they take hold and stop you from moving forward.

\\ Imagine always KNOWING that you are fully supported by an energy bigger than you simply because you are and there are no conditions for this support.

\\ You get to decide that things will be easy and that you are not available for anything less.

\\ Imagine feeling so confident in your abilities and desires that you never question them and feel confident to follow through

\\ Imagine being able to shift your energy into a high vibe state instantly (yes, instantly)

None of this is magic (ok actually it is) but it’s easy magic. It’s available to everyone. There are no rules or conditions determining who does or does not have access to this power. It’s already inside you right this very second, you just need to uncover it and bring it to the surface.

I’m sharing everything you need to know to get started on your mindset and manifestation journey in Mindset to Manifest!

In the 4 part course you will learn to:

  • Get crystal clear on your desires

  • Become an energetic match for your desires (this is the NUMBER ONE key, and I’ll teach you how to do it)

  • Get into a state of knowing, expecting, alignment and flow

  • Learn how to master your thoughts so you can manifest with ease and grace

  • Shift your energy to get into a state of feeling aligned and abundant whenever you want.

A little about me…


I used to be pretty mean to myself in my own head. I constantly had negative thoughts telling me I wasn’t good enough, I’d never amount to anything and that people didn’t like me. I wasn’t very nice to people as a way to push them away before they ever had a chance to get to know me. It was a protection mechanism.

Eventually I got tired of being angry and miserable. It was so exhausting. So I decided things were going to change. And once I made that decision the Universe showed up and has been bringing more and more to help me every single day. It was the decision to change that shifted my reality. I knew that my results were completely a reflection of my mindset. The Universe was reflecting back to me the energy I was putting out.

And now I’m sharing exactly what helped me go from anxious, doubtful and confused to aligned, expanded and excited.

How the course works:

  • The course will be 4 parts taught live over 4 weeks beginning the end of February

  • Each lesson will be on a different topic that will help you master your mindset and attract your desires

  • Each lesson will be recoded and uploaded to Teachable where you will have access for life

The live component is going to be an updated and expanded version of the current course contents from Mindset 101. When you join the new course (Mindset to Manifest) you will get access to both courses.

Here’s what some of the people in Mindset 101 have said (And remember that there will be EVEN MORE in the live contents!!!)


From this course, I learnt how to control my thoughts and shift my perspective on things by using affirmations and specific phrases which have helped me become more focused and confident. I never knew how much simple phrases could impact my mindset but they truly do and by shifting my old beliefs into empowering ones boosted my positive mindset. The best section from Mindset 101 was the fear module, this was extremely valuable and I now realise fear doesn't control me and instead it should motivate me to keep going.

- Lily Martin

 Ready to go?



4 life changing modules of that help you cultivate a mindset to manifest

A workbook for each module

Life time access to recordings of the content when it was delivered live


4 life changing modules of that help you cultivate a mindset to manifest

A workbook for each module

Life time access to recordings of the content when it was delivered live

2 private up-level sessions to help you go deep on specific challenges you’re facing and create a plan to move past them (to be used within 8 weeks from the date of purchase)

Discounts on other courses


It’s your time to step out of fear and into expansion.

The Universe ALWAYS brings you exactly what you ask for.

When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.

- Dr. Wayne Dyer.