Create a vision for yourself that goes
beyond what you can currently see is possible.


 You have a deep passion and desire to help people. 


You are being pulled to serve and guide others to massive transformation, healing and up-leveling.


You’re experiencing something you’ve never felt before, and it’s opening your eyes and mind to what’s possible for you. 

You want to hold space for your clients in a way you’ve never done before.

 You know that you’re capable of big things, and you’re ready to have someone guide you on your journey.

You’re ready to go deep. REAL deep. To release all that’s been getting in your way of fully stepping into your power.


You’re ready to be a transformational leader.

You’re in the right place.

When we work together you’re going fully create your next level and step into the reality now. You’ll be guided through deep mindset and identity work that will shift you into a new reality. You’ll put your future goals success into your present moment. 


You’ll work on showing up as the leader you know you are and the physical reality will show you proof that it’s working. 


You’ll gain the confidence and clarity to show up and stand out. 


I’ll be here to guide you the whole time. We’ll use the life altering modalities of NLP, hypnosis and EFT to help you make a quantum shift in your experience. 


But more than all of that, you will connect with your true identity and create such unshakable self-belief that you’ll never second guess yourself again. You will experience your full power and all that you’re capable of. 


We’ll also cover the foundations and strategy that will elevate your influence, income and impact. The focus will be on you stepping out of your comfort zone and taking massive action towards your goals. The only way to get where you’re going is to do things you’ve never done before.


 How is it going to shift?

It ALL… I repeat ALL… comes down to your mindset. Thinking positive isn’t enough. It’s a great start, but you need to believe 100% that you are a stand out coach, that you can help people, that people expand when they pay you, that you are worthy of the success and dreams that fill your mind.

You have to work to cultivate an unshakable sense of confidence in yourself and your clients. If you don’t believe it’s possible for you, it won’t be.

I know this because I lived this. I thought that if I just tried the right strategy or changed my google calendar around I’d be on the right track and I’d feel more confident and then things would start working.

It’s possible to get the dreams out of your head and into your reality. The fact that they’re even in your head at all is proof that they’re real and possible.

Once you can fully master your mindset there is nothing stopping you. This is a promise.

I’m going to help you step into your next level, fully supporting and guiding you along the way while also making sure you’re pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone so the boundary gets further and further away. You won’t be doing it alone, but you will be 100% responsible for everything you achieve.



This 3 month coaching program is a blend of coaching and consulting and is completely personalised to your journey and goals. 

We will meet once a week for 60 minutes on zoom 

You’ll have access to me via email and voxer (a voice note app which is like having me in your pocket)

Access to my money mindset bundle and any other courses I create while we work together that are relevant to your goals (NLP certification not included).

Working with me is for those who are READY to take their life and business to the next level. 

Sometimes all it takes is having someone else in your corner, believing in you when you’re finding it hard to believe in yourself. 

The truth is, all things are possible. Those dreams and goals you have are yours for a reason. They chose you. It can be intimidating to have dreams that seem so much bigger than you, but that's exactly perfect. 

It’s not always possible to see our blindspots, that’s why having someone who can give you an objective perspective and guide you to things you may not be seeing is so beneficial. 

You already know you’re ready for this level of support, don’t you?


 Here’s what we can work on together



Release the past and create your new identity so you can step into your next level now.



Showing up as a leader in your industry and setting yourself apart from everyone else.



You’ll get comfortable sharing your offers and charging your worth confidently.



You’ll connect with your ideal clients so attracting them is easy and you’ll never wonder what to say.


 Who is this coaching for?


If you’ve been coaching for a while or if you’re new to the industry, when we work together you’ll learn new skills and techniques to show up for your clients and yourself.


The world is craving change right now and some people want to be the face of that change. If you’re ready to lead the global transformation you’ll get the support to take you there.


You have a certification or training in a healing modality and you want to share your passion for supporting and guiding others beyond a hobby and into a business


You LOVE talking about all things mindset, manifestation and personal development, now you want to turn your passion into a business and help as many people as possible.



Your connection the the Universe runs deep and you’ve learnt things you know other people need to experience.


You’ve done the training and certifications, now you need to know how to package it all up and get people to notice what you do and how you can help them.


You know the world can benefit from more conscious ways of living and you’re going to be the one to help us get there.


 Are you ready?

You don’t have to do it alone anymore. You don’t have to fumble your way around. When you’re ready now you can schedule in a time to speak to me directly so we can get to know each other and find out if we’re a good fit to work together.

Coaching is a co-creative process so we both need to feel confident that it’s a match.