How to detach from the outcome

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Have you ever had an experience where you wanted something soooo bad, but you never got it or it didn't work out?

Or what about you wanted something so much and you just thought about it all the time, it consumed you, you worried about what would happen if you didn't get it, and then you didn't get it?

I’ve been though both, and more, many times. So much wanting and striving and worrying. Most of the time that's exactly what pushes the thing away. So much resistance is created from the force of your wanting and not having. And it just feels like shit. Constantly thinking about something you don't have takes away from the time you could be thinking about everything you do have.

Detaching from the outcome was such a struggle for me. If I stop thinking about what I want will I lose focus? If I don't constantly think about how important it is will I stop working so hard for it? Will the Universe forget what I’m asking for?

Seems like it should make sense that the more you think about what you want, you should get it, right?

It's wrong on so many levels, but most of all because it feels like shit and you miss out on all the good you currently have. That’s the thing. You miss what's good. It’s impossible to focus on the good while you're only seeing the bad. You can pretend it's possible and convince yourself that you can do it, but you can't. No one can. And you don't have to.

Here’s EXACTLY how you detach from the outcome so you can focus on what you do have and stop pushing away what you want. As I did this things moved FAST. Real fast. I got what I wanted within 12 hours. No lie.

+ How much do you believe it's possible for you? Not that it will happen, but only that it can happen. Tip: You're not special. There's no reason why something would be possible for everyone else and not you. Is it possible that you could get the new job/relationship/money? YES. It's possible. That's all you need to know. Just that it is physically/mentally/spiritually possible.

+ Accept that you don't need it and you will be OK without it. Write down all the ways you don't need it. Write down all the Plan B’s you can think of and how you would make the most of each one. Write how each plan B will actually be alright and you will survive if that's what happens.

That's it. Seriously. Feel the weight lift after you do this.

Now I hear what you might be saying… “But if I think about another option is that what I’ll get? I don't want to lose focus”. I thought the same thing when I heard about this method. If I’m fully committed to being/doing/having the one thing then I shouldn't even consider other possibilities. Well, if your technique isn't working, I strongly encourage you to try this.

I don't know why it works like magic, but it does.

It might take a little work to begin with but I honestly didn't find it too difficult. I think it was because I had created a situation where I knew that whatever happened I would be OK, so i was free to focus my energy on the present moment and creating from a place of love instead of desperation.

Love, Brooke.

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