How to quantum leap into your next level

Welcome back! It’s been a while since we’ve had this time together and I’m so grateful to share everything with you. Before we get into today’s blog post I’m going to briefly update you on what’s been going on over here.

I recently moved back to Australia from my home of 9 years, Canada. This was tough, I’m not going to lie. Saying bye (or see you later) to all of my friends was hard. I became an adult in Canada and it will always be my home. 

That said, I’m so excited that I was guided to Australia for a specific purpose. While I was in Master NLP practitioner training the opportunity came up to go to LA to train to be a certified NLP trainer, and I took it! I asked for a quantum leap and within days this showed up. I knew deep inside that I was meant to bring NLP and hypnosis to Australia to make it more accessible for people who vibe with me and my style. The first LIVE Created Coach Certification is happening in Sydney on February 2-8 2019! I’m so grateful for the students who are already enrolled and for those who are on their way in. I never could have predicted that things would shape up this way but it’s so perfect that I also can’t imagine it not happening this way. 

I believe in these transformational modalities so much because I’ve experienced their benefits first hand. I use them on myself and I use them with my clients. I know they work and so does everyone else who has the privilege of experiencing them. If you’d like to learn more about how you can become a Created Coach and attend the February training to become an NLP practitioner, clinical hypnotherapist, TIME Techniques practitioner, EFT practitioner and Life & Success coach head here to learn more and make your next quantum  leap.

Now into today’s post!

So all of the above happened because I asked for a quantum leap. 

I declared that I was taking a step that was further than the next logical step. 

First I will briefly explain what a quantum leap is (I’ll try to make it brief anyway). 

Quantum physics has evolved a lot over the years. It started many many years ago with a couple of old guys pondering about motion and how things moved, what they moved in, if things moved in a constant motion or if things moved via “jumping” from one position to the next.

I think. 

Then it was discovered that matter appears to be wherever it appears to be BECAUSE it is influenced by the fact that it is being observed. The fact that we observe something influences how it shows up. Crazy. Watch this video on the double slit experiment and hopefully that won’t open too many cans of worms for you!

What this all means in relation to us humans is that 1. Things will show up as we observe (expect and believe) them to show up. 2. We can make a quantum leap and move from one position to a different position without making incremental steps along a predetermined path.

That is what I did. And keep doing. And now I’m going to share with you HOW I do it. 

I asked for it. I declared it. I spoke it into existence. I observed it as already having happened. 

This has happened to me and so many of my friends who practice the same techniques. It goes against everything we’ve been taught following the newtonian model of reality. And you’re going to have to experiment for yourself and see the proof if you have any doubt. It’s not going to make sense to your conscious mind, and it doesn’t need to.

The process:

Start in your journal. Declare a quantum leap. You can write that down. Here’s what I wrote:

“I am now taking a step that will get me further than the next logical step.”

Script out your reality as you desire it to be as though it has happened. Like you’re writing to someone explaining how things are now that you are in your new reality. Write how you feel, what you think and believe, what you do, what’s coming up next. Write it out as though you’re a few steps past the successful completion. 

You’re going into uncharted territory, somewhere you’ve never been before. Don’t expect to know what to do or how to get there. You should absolutely not know either of those things. If you do you’re not quantum leaping. There is no map where you’re going. 

It might feel scary. Good. You’re going the right way. 

How do you know if it’s just fear of the unknown or if it truly is the wrong way? If it feels heavy and gross, it’s fear. Whenever I have a fear come up I remind myself “the worse it feels the less true it is”. You always know the difference between fear and intuition though, don’t you?

You are going to have to think from the end, not of the end. You’re going to have to place your trust in the unseen over the seen. I KNOW it feels silly to feel like you have more money in your bank account than numbers you see on the screen, but hold the faith. Tap into the feelings of it already being there. Of the relationship being strong. Of you getting the promotion. Whatever it is, hold tight to the vision. Don’t let go. 

Happy leaping my love ⚡️

Brooke Alexander