They can’t listen if you're not saying anything


Are you holding back from saying what you want, how you feel, your message, because you're afraid no one will listen

What if I talk and no one shows up. No one responds. No one hears?

What if I launch the program and no one signs up?

What if I ask for a raise and they say no?

What if I try to find a partner and it doesn't happen?

All of this can feel scary. The scariest thing is that we show up, put ourselves out there and nothing comes back.

But, by holding back, by saying nothing, by not going and doing the thing, you're getting the results you're afraid you’ll get by default.

If you don't speak no one hears you. If you don't show up no one sees you. If you don't ask you get nothing.

Aren't they all the things you're afraid of anyway? Is it worse to try and not get or not try at all and still not get?

Sure it may feel easier right now. It ay feel like less “rejection” because there is no one actively “rejecting” you or saying no to you or not listening to you. Or… are you rejecting yourself? Are you not listening to yourself? Are you telling yourself you're not worth listening to so then you better not say anything. Not worth showing up and not with listening to. That's a double whammy.

So how do you get out of this rut? I know how it feels to be afraid to show up and stand out. It feels so real. You can rationalise the fear pretty easily.

“I won't do this thing because it hasn't worked before (even though you've never actually fully and completely tried with NO OPTION but for it to work…) so I don't want to “try” and have it not work”.

That sounds rational. Or does it? Based on what? How hasn't it work? And .. try? That's not a real thing. You're either doing it or you're not.

Getting out of it will require you to go against every part of you that says no. Every part that says hold back, stop, this isn't working, this is hard, this feels hard, this isn't the right time. ANY part of you that tells you to do the opposite of what you actually want to do.

It won't feel good all of the time. But then, the voice that tells you it's hard will begin to fade away. You'll get really good at not listening to it. You'll get really good at KNOWING who you are and how you do things. You’ll recode your DNA to BECOME the person who does the things. Maybe they'll still feel scary. Do you want them to feel boring? No.

The magic of this process is that you'll learn to listen to yourself instead of listening to fear. You’ll trust yourself more than you trust fear. You’ll trust that you're capable of creating outcomes you truly desire instead of staying in fear and creating the same outcomes you've always gotten. You’ll be brave. You’ll show up for yourself.

No one can hear you when you force them not to listen.

Question the fear. Question the voice that comes up and tells you it's not possible. The voice that says no one will listen. So what if they don’t, do you still want it anyway? Is it more important that people listen or that the message comes out?

Which comes first; people listening to you or you sharing the message?

If you’re not showing up no one can see you. You have to be there first. You have to start showing up and standing out so bright and brave that they can't help but listen.

This is all up to you. This won't be handed to you on a silver platter. This is where the growth and magic happens. This is where you become that person people know about. You did things differently. You did things you were scared to do. You motivated and inspired other people to believe in themselves because you showed them the way. You showed them it’s possible.

So, what are you holding yourself back from doing? Where are you currently already getting the results you're afraid you’ll get if you actually do the thing? How are you going to change that right now, in this very moment?

Love, Brooke.

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Brooke Alexander