Creating space for your desires


Hi lovely !

I hope you’re doing amazingly! I love the energy of a new month. I like to use a new month to symbolise myself entering a  new energy, shedding what didn't serve me from the previous month and deciding what my intentions for the new month are.

Today I want to share some AMAZING insights around manifestation that I hardly hear anyone talking about in the same way. I’m going to share one of my best secrets for transforming your life! I seriously love talking about this stuff because I KNOW that if you’re ready to receive the info it’s going to change your life too.

OK so my big manifestation secret is all around creating space. I recorded a podcast episode on it recently too so head here to have a listen.

What does creating space mean? Well, the Universe abhors a vacuum i.e. empty space does not want to be empty space. When you’re creating your goals, desires, wishes, plans, etc, you need to create space in your life so that those things can come in and fill it.

Space can be created in your physical reality as well as your mental & emotional reality. It’s like those times when you’re so overwhelmed by all the things you have to do so you don’t do anything, then you write it all out on a list and immediately feel better, and THEN you actually feel like you can do the things.

This is a topic we’re going to be covering in much more detail in Mindset to Manifest and I’ll share exact rituals with you in the course so if you’ve been thinking about joining jump in now here while the bonuses are still available!

In the meantime here are some super awesome tips that you can start implementing right now to create space for your desires to come in to your life!

+ Clean your space - Go through your room/house/car and clear it out! Get rid of old things you no longer like, that don't feel good, that's you've just been holding on to *in case* you need it one day

+ Clean out your wallet - get rid of old receipts, use up aaaallll gift cards, organise your money and cards nicely.

+ Pay attention to the experiences in your life that your mind keeps wandering to - if there are any negative emotions sticking around from your past, let them go. Forgive yourself or anyone else involved. Send them love. Decide to love instead of hold onto resentment/anger/guilt/shame. Forgiveness does not mean you are at fault.

+ Tie up any loose ends - Pay bills, give someone back the thing you borrowed months ago, return clothes you have to return, send mail, all of it. Whatever is hanging around that needs to be done or finished, do it.

Where else can you create space? Think about ways you can up-level and welcome in the new. Make your desires feel welcome!

And if you want to go deeper in this and MORE we’ll be doing that in Mindset to Manifest (It’s going to be sooooo amazing!). If you have any questions about the course you can respond to this email or send me a DM on instagram.

And I would LOVE to hear how this practice goes for you! Let me know what amazing things happen for you when you start taking action 💕

So much love,


P.s. I’m hosting a FREE masterclass - Energetic Revelation - in the Real Life Your Dreams Facebook group on Monday Feb 11th. It’s going to be all about how to shift your energy to become an energetic match for your desires so you can draw them to you super fast! It’s only going to be free for a limited time so make sure you get into the group while it’s up!

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Brooke Alexander