Getting signs from the Universe


How are you doing? I’m currently sitting in my hotel in Mexico eating banana pancakes and catching up on work from the past week. I spent a week in Oaxaca city watching my friends get married and having the best time!

Lately I’ve been thinking A LOT about how we receive our manifestations. I’ve also come to the realisation that I prefer to manifest experiences and internal transformation over physical things and stuff. There’s nothing wrong either way, that’s just my preference based on where I’m currently at in my life.

I’ve been paying close attention to how things show up and it has really opened my eyes to how powerful the Universe (which is actually us, but that’s for anther post) truly is and that we ALWAYS get what we ask for. We do. We really do. And if you’re not getting what you ask for, consider if you’re asking for what you think OR if there’s a limiting belief asking for the opposite that’s stronger than your conscious desires.

Do you know how to see signs from the Universe? Do you know how they come? If you're not paying attention you could miss them. We’re going to go deep on this in Mindset to Manifest which is happening LIVE in just one week!!!! It’s going to be so transformation and mind blowing so jump in here.

Most people think signs come only in forms they can see with their eyes and actual physical things, but they actually come in much more magical ways! Here's some things you can look out for in case you aren't already;

+ The right teacher at the right time - Ever noticed those times when you needed an answer and it was like someone heard you and put the exact right person in your path at the exact right time saying the exact right thing?

+ Feelings - If something feels good, you're on the right path. If something doesn't feel good ask yourself if it's fear because it's new and outside of your comfort zone (don't skip it) or if it's because it doesn't feel 'like you'.

+ Opportunities - If you're on the right path things will show up. When your mindset is on track you'll start to notice things that will help you get to where you want to go. What kinds of things do you notice as signs you're on the right track?

Being aware of how much magic is around you will make you magnetic for more and more magic. Take note at the end of each day of all the amazing things you experienced; someone being generous or kind, something amazing unexpected, something beautiful. Pay attention. More will come.

I love you,


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Brooke Alexander