Deciding is the key to manifesting


Hello my love!

I’m excited to be writing about today’s topic because it’s something I am constantly reminded is the MOST IMPORTANT factor when it comes to making change and shifting into a new reality.

So what is it? It’s deciding. It’s making the decision and committing to it. Acknowledging your desires and being energetically unavailable for anything less.

Think back to a time when you’ve thought about doing/being/having something, said “yeah I’ll try and see what happens”... and it hasn’t worked out. Now think back to a time when you’ve made a decision to do something and felt it in your bones that it was going to happen, no matter what. A full commitment to your desired outcome… and it happened.

The difference is the decision. The 100% commitment and becoming an energetic match for your desires. The Universe can only understand energy, not words. So regardless of what you are saying, if your energy is telling a different story that is what will be picked up and reflected back to you.

What about those times you really do desire something but you have some fears/worries/doubts about you ability to achieve it or if it's the right decision for you? The uncertainty won't help you. You must be committed if it's truly the outcome you desire.

I'm going to share how you can make a complete commitment and send that energy to the Universe and attract your desires to you, no chasing required. This is also something we’ll be covering in Mindset to Manifest so be sure to jump into the course to make it as it’s delivered live online at the end of February!

Make the decision as the version of you who already has what she desires

Tap into the energy of the person you are becoming. Become her now. This is how you are able to eliminate the illusion of time. You can choose how you desire to feel, and you can feel into the feelings of your future self. When you do this you are putting that vibration into the Universe and becoming an energetic match for your desires. When your energy and ego are both aligned and fully open to receiving the magic is happening!

How you get into the vibe of already having your desires and being her is going to be individual to you depending on what resonates with you the most. This is something you can practice and play around with to see what works best and here are some tips and things you can play around with;

Visualise yourself experiencing your desires during a meditation. You can make the image bigger, brighter, closer, louder, or anything else that makes it more real for you. Before you get into your meditation make a list of what you will see, hear and feel at the exact moment you will know you have achieved your goal and use this for your visualisation.

Fear, worries, doubts and limiting beliefs

If there are any of the above getting in your way of believing what you desire is possible that might be getting in the way of your energy. The first thing I want to say here is that the only block you have is the decision that you have a block in your way. As soon as you label or decide that it's a problem, it becomes a problem.

If you do have any fears, worries, doubts or limiting beliefs there’s a process you can use to work through them. The first thing is to notice them. But don’t go looking for them, ‘cause you’ll always find what you’re looking for. Just pay attention to your inner dialogue and listen to thoughts that pop up when you don’t take action. The next thing is to prove them all wrong. Explain why each one is not actually the truth (it’s not true if it can't be 100% proven in a court of law). Also, your past is not an indication of your future. Lastly, write out the complete opposite of the negative as a positive affirmation and repeat, write, think, live this often. Integrate these new beliefs so they become the first thought over the negative. Eventually the negative neural pathways will weaken and the positive will strengthen.

And my last tip is to use a positive affirmation, which I do allll the time for everything!!!

Super easy, all you have to do is think about how you will feel once you have achieved your desirs and affirm you are grateful for feeling that way now. Eg;

“I am so grateful I am feeling so abundant and successful”

“I am so grateful I have made 10k in my business this month”

“I am so grateful I am in a loving relationship”

Create yours however it best suits you!! I’m so excited to be sharing and going much, much deeper on all of this in Mindset to Manifest so if this is feeling aligned for you I am so excited to welcome you to the group!

I hope you enjoyed this post!! Let me know what you thought and what was most helpful.

Always love, Brooke

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Brooke Alexander